Business Partners

Did you know every time someone uses a credit card at your business you can join the good work at Global Samaritan Resources!

Let Charity Payment Solutions handle your business credit card payment services. By doing so, we will contribute 50 percent of the profit on all credit & debit card processing transactions each month directly to Global Samaritan Resources. It’s that simple! Team up with us today and feel good knowing with every sale, Global Samaritan Resources will be the recipient of increased funding for the ministries you care about the most.

Businesses that use Charity Payment Solutions receive the benefit of knowing they are partners with Global Samaritan. They also receive special attention through our website and Facebook page, as well as building relationships with customers who are motivated to support the businesses that support Global Samaritan.

Charity Payment Solutions is changing the way business and philanthropy converge by creating funding and resources for ministries locally and across our world.

Call 1-866-866-4916 or visit Charity Payment Solutions at to learn more.

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