"Bright futures begin with clean water."
- The Water Project

The NLI System

The NLI Water Purifier is a unique system that creates chlorine from table salt to disinfect water and make it safe for drinking. It is a simple, portable, light-weight, cost-effective water purification system designed and constructed for use in harsh environmental conditions with minimal resources. One purifier has the capability of serving a school, orphanage, clinic, hospital or even an entire community. This technology has been deployed to over 80 countries globally.


A Global Samaritan SaveStraw water filter provides water purification on the go. Useful for traveling, camping, missions trips or survival situations, these compact devices have a built-in filtration system to remove contaminants like sediment, debris, and microorganisms from water. In a few steps, they can turn contaminated water into safe drinking water

How it Works
SaveStraw water filters are efficient, convenient, and portable. Like with a regular straw, users stick one end into the water and take a sip. While the liquid passes through the filters in the straw, contaminants like dirt, bacteria, and protozoa are removed for cleaner and safer water. With a capacity of up to 1500L (almost 400 gallons), your SaveStraw will not allow water to pass through once the filter has expired from use.

The Result
Water that is free of sediment and harmful bacteria-just like the water you buy at the store.

The Cost
Only $20/per straw.
Please feel free to contact us for adjusted quantity pricing.