Global Samaritan Board member Dee Lott and others load a trailer in 2011 headed to help tornado victims Joplin, Missouri

We not only collect, store and ship goods to mission destinations, we also respond to disasters. In 2011, we sent people and goods to Japan after the tsunami and we were in Bastrop, TX during the wildfires. Global Samaritan was on the second plane to touch down in Haiti following the earthquake.

In 2011, we also had the opportunity to send several pallets of school supplies to Afghanistan on an Air Force C-130. And during a spring break, we partnered with university students who came together via social media to rebuild homes in Joplin, MO, our third trip there after the May 2011 tornadoes. We also helped with relief in Lancaster, TX after the tornadoes, India after the earthquakes, Lake Stamford, Texas after flooding, Colorado after wildfires and New Orleans and New York City after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

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