About National Board

The National Board will typically have no fewer than 12 members and no more than 24. Membership is at the invitation of the Executive Director of Global Samaritan Resources. Any staff, trustee, donor, or friend of Global Samaritan is welcome to suggest persons for membership on the National Board. With members scattered across the country, the National Board will not formally meet as a group but will have a once a year dinner event for members able to come to Abilene. The 2014 dinner will be held on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

Four specific expectations of National Board members:

  1. Be available for calls, e-mails, and other messages as a disaster occurs or is imminent in your region.
  2. Be an advocate for Global Samaritan Resources when disaster occurs, using social media and all forms of communication available to you to communicate Global Samaritan’s response plan and fundraising opportunities.
  3. Use your social media platforms to share updates regularly about Global Samaritan activities, events, and news.
  4. National Board members are asked to visit the Global Samaritan campus when they visit Abilene.

The Global Samaritan Resources National Board is not:

  1. A governance board
  2. An advisory board
  3. A policy setting board
  4. Primarily a fundraising board

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