A typical 40′ container. Global Samaritan fills containers like this one with donated goods and ships them around the world.

In 1999 we shipped our first 40’ container to Honduras. We repeated our first shipment in 2000 when we loaded another 40’ container of donated goods and shipped it to Honduras. In 2001 we tripled our output when, with the help of generous donors, we shipped a 20’ container to the Ukraine, and 40’ containers to El Salvador and Belize.

Warehouse, Logistics and Inventory Manager Esther Kissell with volunteers loading a container

In 2012, Global Samaritan shipped one 40’ container per month and over 190 tons of goods worth $800,000 (U.S.). Year around, students, health professionals, missionaries and other workers carry suitcases full of supplies as they travel to areas in need. Smaller amounts of palletized goods are also shipped by Global Samaritan.

“What exactly is a container?”

Think of what you see on a train or the back of a semi-truck. If going overseas, these are taken to port, put on a ship and delivered around the world.

It costs about $10,000 to ship one container (Does not include other fees, etc.). Although it sounds expensive, think of how much you can give away in a 40’ container! Medical supplies and equipment, furniture, beds for children, books, Bibles, even tractors and trailers! It is an incredibly efficient way to ship kindness!

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