We take the implications of the Samaritan story (Luke 10:25-37) seriously.

  • We help the hurting, marginalized and helpless in our own community and around the world.
  • Our work stands the test of time. We invest in sustainable and ongoing work.
  • We bring kindness, hope, and actions of service into conflict and crisis.
  • We honor God and people.
  • We are obedient and mindful of God’s timing.
  • We are ready. When a door opens we walk through it, when it closes we don’t beat it down.
  • We are open to new opportunities.
  • We are prayerful.
  • We are personal. We cultivate new relationships, we know our partners and they know the people they help by name.
  • We are supportive.
  • We value community. We cooperate and collaborate with our partners.
  • We value action.
  • We value faith and boldness in the face of persecution.
  • We value listening (to God and people).
  • We value humility.
  • We value unity.

Collecting kindness, giving hope, serving the world to the glory of God

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