We help people help people.

Global Samaritan Resources is a Christian humanitarian aid organization. We help people fulfill one of the greatest callings of life: helping other people. We have four ways we do this.

  1. Humanitarian Aid. We collect surplus goods of all kinds: medical and school supplies, tools and equipment, household goods, furniture and more. We provide the logistics for storage, staging and shipment of the goods. We can help you help.
  2. Water. We provide training and help with installing water purification systems around the world. There is no need for waterborne diseases to be the world’s leading cause of death. We can help you help. More...
  3. Food. We provide the connections to ship fortified dehydrated food to third-world nations. With our contacts the food can be provided FREE. All you have to do is pay the freight. We can help you help.
  4. Disaster Services. We pass 100% of every dollar donated in the wake of disaster to trusted partners in the disaster zone. And we also help people prepare for disasters before they happen. We can help you help.


Global Samaritan is committed to developing long-term relationships. We understand and work toward long-term sustainability in all we do.

We partner with churches, corporations, non-profits, missionaries, nondenominational organizations, and individuals who know the people they serve by name.


Global Samaritan is committed to honoring God, prayer, and having personal relationships with our partners in Abilene and around the world. Read more about our core values →

Navigate your way around our website. Read our story. Visit our warehouse online, or in person at 2074 N. 1st in Abilene, Texas.